Story Changers Program

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Story Changers Program

Change Makers Guide
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It's a Proven step-by-step system to find your personal calling or turn your story into a fully operated social cause within 90 days.

Its time to share your story with the world, and help others by your voice. We know its hard to put your story into words and we know its even harder to create a plan on how you will impact others with your story.

We have created a 90 day program that is proven to work or your money back!

We have put together everything you need to turn your story into a mission.

What you will get:

  • A Physical Purpose Therapy Guided Journal + ebook.
  • One on One Couching sessions.
  • Personal Assessment - Finding what you really care about. 
  • Mapping Your Niche - Connecting what you passion with a purpose. 
  • Assessing the Need Of Your Niche & Analysis resources - Finding the gaps in other programs to make your program a demand 
  • Mission & Vision statement - Guided coaching to make the perfect mission & vision statement for your program. 
  • Funding Map - Fast way to build capital funding for your program. 
  • Execution & Operation Outline - A detailed plan of operation. How your program will run. 
  • Steps on establishing 501C3 or for profit corp filling
  • Logo Development - Guided logo coaching along with 3 revisions 
  • Website development - Guided website coaching using highly effective landing page technique
  • Marketing Outline  - How to reach the demographic you plan to serve 
  • 100 Partnership Contacts - Contacts to Executive Directors Founders and Thought Leaders from all areas of the non -profits sector 
  • Networking hacks - How to get contacts of leaders in all industries. 
  • Monthly Plans & Goals - A Step by step action plan to execute after 90 days is completed. 
  • Weekly plans & goals - A step by step action micro plan to execute after 90 days is completed. 

 Click Below to get started on what will change you life forever! Giving your story Purpose! 

I want this!
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